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Wide Brim Gardening Hat and Face Cover for Men and Women

Wide Brim Gardening Hat and Face Cover for Men and Women

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Introducing the Wide Brim Gardening Hat with Neck and Face Flap Cover, the ultimate sun protection for all your outdoor activities. This hat fabric is designed specifically for the harsh Australian sun and is tested with a UPF50+ result, the highest achievable for fabrics in the world. It blocks UVA and UVB rays and helps prevent skin damage.

The Wide Brim Gardening Hat features a brim that is optimized to protect your face and neck from the sun, without affecting your vision. The brim is 12cm wide and has a water repellent surface finish that offers excellent protection from rain, wind, and other outdoor elements.

Not only does the Wide Brim Gardening Hat offer excellent sun protection, but it also keeps you cool and comfortable. The 100% polyester material is moisture-wicking and breathable, moving sweat to the fabric's outer surface to minimize saturation and increase comfort. The fast moisture ventilation expels perspiration through the breathable fabric, keeping you feeling fresh and cool.

The Wide Brim Gardening Hat is adjustable and packable, with a standard head circumference size of 55-60cm. An internal rear drawstring on the crown lets you customize the fit and keep the headwear in place. Both the hat and flap cover are easy to fold for storage, making the Wide Brim Gardening Hat perfect for travel and on-the-go activities.

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