Reflecting on a Sizzling Summer and the Importance of Year-Round Sun Protection

Reflecting on a Sizzling Summer and the Importance of Year-Round Sun Protection |  ozsmartco

As we bid farewell to an exceptionally hot summer, we can't help but look back at the sweltering days spent under the sun and how our sun protective hats came to the rescue for so many. Our hats provided much-needed relief and protection during this intense season, and we're thrilled to have been a part of your sun-smart journey. As a local Australian brand new business, we're incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support we received and the incredible amount of stock we sold during these warm months.

As we transition into the cooler seasons, we want to assure our valued customers that we'll continue to operate as usual, restocking our inventory and ensuring our high-quality sun protective hats are available for everyone. While it might seem counterintuitive, sun protection remains crucial even during autumn and winter months. Here's why:

  1. UV radiation is still present: Although the sun may not feel as strong, UV radiation can still penetrate cloud cover and cause harm to your skin. Wearing a sun protective hat on brighter days during cooler months is a wise precaution to shield your face and neck from potential damage.

  2. Reflection from surfaces: Surfaces like snow, water, and even concrete can reflect UV radiation, increasing the risk of skin damage. Sun protective hats can help minimize the effects of UV radiation, ensuring you stay protected while enjoying outdoor activities.

  3. Developing healthy habits: Consistently wearing sun protective hats throughout the year can help reinforce the habit of sun protection, making it more likely you'll continue to prioritize sun safety during the hotter months.

  4. Skin cancer prevention: Skin cancer rates in Australia are among the highest in the world. By maintaining consistent sun protection practices throughout the year, including wearing sun protective hats, you're reducing your risk of skin cancer.

In closing, we'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your incredible feedback and support this summer. It's been an amazing journey so far, and we couldn't have done it without you. As a local Australian business, we're proud to be part of a community that values sun protection and supports homegrown brands. We look forward to serving you through the cooler seasons and into next summer, ensuring you stay protected and stylish all year long.

Stay sun-smart, and once again, thank you for your support!

~ Your friends at OZ Smart