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Big Head Extra Wide Brim Hat for Men

Big Head Extra Wide Brim Hat for Men

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The Big Head Extra Large Wide Brim Hat is a durable and comfortable hat designed specifically for use in the harsh Australian sun. The brim and crown material have a UPF50+ rating for UV protection and is suitable for extra large head sizes, with an adjustable head circumference of 60-65 cm (23 1/8-25 3/8 inches). To ensure a proper fit, please see the sizing chart. The hat is made from a blend of synthetic fabric and cotton and has a net weight of 168 g. This Extra Large Wide Brim Hat features a wide 12 cm (4.7 inch) brim, optimized to protect your face and neck from the sun without affecting your vision.

The hat is easily packable and foldable, making it convenient for storing in your backpack when traveling or engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, gardening, or camping. The surface of the Extra Large Wide Brim Hat is made from professional outdoor fabric and is tightly stitched on the brim for excellent performance in the elements. The Extra Large Wide Brim Hat has an adjustable chin strap that holds the hat securely on your head to help you fight the wind. This professional outdoor fishing hat can help withstand strong wind and rainy conditions. The brim of the Extra Large Wide Brim Hat is thicker than standard summer hats for better wind resistance and sun protection. The fabric of the hat is breathable, ultra-light, and quick-drying, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience.

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