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Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella

Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella

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Introducing the Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella from OZ SMART - your perfect companion for all weather conditions! This lightweight, windproof umbrella is packed with features to keep you safe and comfortable no matter where you go.

Tested and rated to UPF50+ protection, the highest rating achievable for fabrics, this Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella blocks UVA and UVB rays to help keep your skin safe. With 16 resin-reinforced golden fiberglass ribs, this fiberglass umbrella is super flexible, wind-resistant, rust-resistant, and lightweight (42”, 400 g, 0.8lb). The golden structure not only looks great, but also provides superior strength and durability. This compact parasol will not turn upside down in strong winds and can withstand a lot of pressure.

This Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella has double fabric with coating that reflects heat to keep you cool under the umbrella. The latest technology Titanium dioxide pigment (TIO2) Silver/Color coating provides UV protection greater than UPF50+. The double-layer nano fabric includes the 210T professional umbrella fabric with the highest density at present to provide high-quality water-repellent and block sunlight.

This super windproof and rust-resistant Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella is a must-have for all seasons, able to resist wind, rain, and the sun at the same time. Its 100% natural wood handle is both environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed for comfortable and long-lasting use. With its compact and multi-functional design, this sun-blocking beach umbrella can be easily folded and put into your bag for travel, climbing, walking, golf, fishing, and daily commutes.

Get your OZ SMART Compact Sun/Rain Umbrella today and stay protected in style!

Note: The Plain Black variant of the Compact Sun Umbrella does not have the double layer top coated with silver titanium dioxide pigment; however, please be assured it has also been tested and rated to UPF50+.

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